AT&T Platinum Solutions Provider

AT&T is one of the largest providers of Tier1 fiber optic and LTE services nationwide. AT&T has the highest capacity 4g LTE mobility solutions to fit our customers needs. As a platinum solutions provider B.I.S.S. becomes your primary provider and manages the data, systems, and relationships on your behalf.

Open Source Software

Open source software is the driving force behind B.I.S.S.

The benefits of open source software are plenty.

OSS is: Community Driven, Secure, Has Flexible licensing, you can develop and contribute your own features, its typically either “free” or much cheaper than proprietary software.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft partner & service provider we provide our customers with the required licensing, hosted solutions in our data centers, as well as cloud and hybrid hosted solutions backed by top tier Microsoft and partner network support.

BISS runs on Joyent

Using a combination of Joyents “Public cloud” and the powerful open sourced “Triton Datacenter” platform within our own facilities we are able to provide active and hybrid disaster recovery solutions when required to fulfill our customers needs. The “Triton” platform is based on the SmartOS hypervisor (An illumos based `fork` of Sun MicroSystems “OpenSolaris”). Using ZFS, Dtrace, Containers, and cloud native API’s allow us to be a very efficient provider of performance IT services at scale.

Extreme Networks

In 2010, just before Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, our founder received advice from a well known engineer at Sun MicroSystems to switch to over to Extreme Networks for all of his datacenter switching needs. The advice was well received and shortly after that B.I.S.S was born and was immediately made a VAR partner with Extreme. Contact B.I.S.S for all of your networking needs. We use Extreme Networks because we strive for Extreme “uptime” and “resiliency” in our networks.

Juniper Networks

WAN plays a pivotal role in every organizations cloud strategy. JunOS is the most advanced Layer3 network operating system in todays market. B.I.S.S. has chosen Juniper Networks for our customers edge routing, security, and QOS strategy. We are your Juniper partner.